Pakistani Talented Blogger Syed Faizan Ali Interview

Recently we got a chance to do Interview of one of the best Pakistani blogger Syed Faizan Ali. He told us about his blogging journey and secret behind his success. So here is his Interview.

Thanks Faizan For the Interview. First of all I would like to know that how you will define blogging?

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ahsan Raza for giving me this magnificent opportunity to share my personal experience and expertise with the readers of this wonderful blog we have here. What is blogging? What is a blog, confused? If you ask these same questions to 10 different bloggers, I am sure none of them would give you the same definitions or answers because every person has its own point of view to define a blog. For me, Blog is a place full of imagination. It can cover almost any topic no matter whether it is Sports, Entertainment, Technology or even Health issues. A blog is more likely an encyclopedia that is not managed by machines but by humans themselves.

Now from the other people’s perspective, Blog is a kind of website which is arranged in a chronological order from the most recent entries at the top of the homepage to the older entries towards the bottom of the page.

How you came towards blogging tell your story??

Quite interesting question, you got here for me. I was no way near to blogging. Honestly speaking, you cannot believe that I didn't even know the definition of a blog, or about the mighty pets of Google Panda / penguin and whatever zoo animals they carry. Just like every Pakistani guy, I belong to a middle class family where opportunities are extremely less and to be successful you need hand full of bribes to get the 15000 PKR/month job. From childhood I never wanted to work under someone else’s nose, I had my own dreams but I never knew my dreams would start to come true that quickly just like in a glimpse.

A friend of mind told me about blogs, he also told me how it works so due to lack of funds I started a FREE blog over and unbelievably in 6 months it got more than 10 million hits all together so it was a huge success for a novice. PS: I still have that blog, but unfortunately thanks to Panda and penguin it’s sinking but still giving smallish income.

Your blogs MBL and are wonderful. How you made such awesome blogs?

The main credit goes to my awesome followers and readers who never let me down. I still remember when I was launching I was thinking why not to do the same thing on MBL because they are pretty much of the same niche.

However, I took some risk and it really worked. Since, MBL has been a well established blog the time I launched templates, so I took a little help from it by publishing a review on and this was the point when the traffic starts flowing over Templateism.

To be successful you just need to remember one thing, “Work so hard like you did never before”.

On which projects you are working currently?

Currently, I am just running two most popular Blogger resource blogs. However, I would surely be investing my time and money over WordPress in the near future.

What tips you would like to give to new bloggers?

First of all, new bloggers really need to learn to at least give some sorts of respect to the senior bloggers. Sometime novice bloggers shows extra aggression and that literally spoils everything. They should focus more towards their blog instead of looking what others are doing.

The most important thing, a new blogger should always start a blog on a topic that he feels he can cover the best. Many people have started a website on totally unrelated topics that didn't work out. Find your abilities and make them count.

Faizan During His Childhood

What are your future plans?

I love living in the present, so I don’t really plan about what I would be doing in future. The ideas just click my brain and I start working on it. However, currently I need to expand my team, I am short of employees. I am doing over time due to less designers and developers, so currently I cannot think about expanding the company.

How much time you give to blogging daily?

I am more into developing a designing then blogging. I work almost 18 hours a day on average. You can minus 3 hours that I waste daily on Facebook. Other than that, most of the time I am either developing new templates or busy in helping friends and clients.

What difficulties you faced?

The biggest difficulty I am facing right now is my education. I am not giving a lot of attention to my education though I never left it. Still Education is the most significant prospect of a bloggers life no matter whether he earns six figure incomes or not. Since, I am not that old so I still have time to catch up.

This is the only problem that is literally killing me. Yes, I’ll die when my 12th standard result would be announced (Hey wait due to happiness).

Tell us something about your education and what you want to achieve in your life?

I have just been giving 2nd year (12th standard) Pre-engineering examination. In the future, I really dream to become either compute or software engineer. The attachments I have with computers are something I really adore and care. After becoming an engineer, I would continue with the cool stuff I have been doing.

Templates designed by you are getting very popular day by day. What you feel about it?

It really feels great when someone points out a good thing about your website. Undoubtedly, MyBloggerLab and are doing really well Alhamdulillah.

I have heard you are a very shy person. Is that true?

Yes, I am and it’s not from years it’s from my birth. Just like a typical Geek, I like to spend most of my time at home working at my computer. However, this doesn't mean I am totally disconnected with my family. I will not say that I spend a lot of time with them but a few hours may be. Socializing, well that’s not what a geek like me would enjoy.


Thank You very much Faizan for such a interesting Interview. i am sure our readers will enjoy and learn from it.
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