Pakistan's Youngest Blogger Nadeem Khan Interview

Recently I got the chance of doing Interview of Pakistan's Youngest Blogger Nadeem Khan who is just 15 years old and a really friendly guy. Here are my questions and his interesting answers.

Dear Nadeem Thanks for giving me your time. First of all I would like to welcome you on my blog. Please introduce yourself to my blog readers.

It's an amazing feeling for me to be interviewed at your esteemed blog. I'm Nadeem Khan, a 15 years-old (Soon to be 16) Entrepreneur from Pakistan's most elegant city, Quetta. Student of grade 10 by qualification but insanely in love with Internet and Tech. I won't mind if you call me a GEEK. I'm born and brought up in lower middle class family, having extreme hunger to live my life lavishly.

How you feel to be youngest blogger of Pakistan?

I feel proud whenever someone calls me the youngest blogger of Pakistan cause I've done something extra-ordinary in my boyhood which is almost difficult for a youngster to achieve with such difficulties which I've faced in my life. 

How you came towards blogging tell your story??

It was 2010 and I was 13 years-old, I never really intended to become a blogger; I never knew that there's an outstanding world in the Internet that allows you to live a luxurious life and earn more than your parents does. I never knew that you can earn tremendous amount from the Internet. 

I was fond of watching TV shows specially on the topic Tech, Showbiz. Once while watching CNN, I came across a news Facebook's CEO - Mark Zukerberg has become the youngest billionaire in the world. Since then I started to ask my father, teachers and my friends about him. They had no idea about him, I told them that he owns Facebook, a Social Media site. But they all ignored my questions and started to taunt me that concentrate on studies. You can never become any great person without studying.  Well, I kept me research going on. I was lucky enough to have a Land line Internet connection at my home which gave me only 60KBPs surfing speed (huh). I started to learn more and more about him. One day I came across a site called "" I learned how you can make money online by building a Website only. I didn't had any special skills like Web Development, Web Designing and Scripting to make a Website for myself to start earning online. 

While searching online, I came across a free website building site called I made my first ever website in my life for my school to make money online and after months without results, and some further research, I realized that making a blog is the only way to make money online. 

Your blogs Known.PK is really nice. how you manage it?

Thanks for your compliments. Known.PK is not my very first blog. Before Known.PK I was a Copy Cat  I used to copy other's articles and images and posted them on my Blogspot hosted blog. I copied a lot of content from others because I didn't had any formal knowledge about blogging. I wasted too much time on that.

In starting, it was too much difficult for me to manage some money to buy hosting and domain for my blog. But Alhamdulillah, all the hardships and difficulties are gone now. The lavish era has started for me. I've some authors at my blog and some friends are writing on that blog as a volunteer. 

You are having many secret blogs. Can you tell me how much traffic you get everyday on those blogs?

Being honest in my words, I own many blogs. I've kept them secret, as you know we have some blacksheeps around us everywhere. It's best to hide your blog from them.  Coming to traffic, I spend more than $50 on hosting every month. I recently bought a reseller account hosting from a renowned company to manage my blogs' traffic  You can easily figure out the amount of traffic I receive from my hosting expenses. 

On which other projects you are working along with

Beside Known.PK, I own a consultancy company called where I provide the amazing knowledge and special blogging tactics to the newbies. My clients are now doing so good and they are the reason why I've continued to train more and more people and make them aware of the right way of making money online with blogging.

I also own tech niche blog called; KnownTips. Due to lack of time, it's really difficult for me to manage all the blogs and my company. I'm thinking to have a joint-venture with some like minded people very soon.

What tips you would like to give to those youngsters who wants to start blogging?

I'd only say that never follow others. They don't really want to help you, they just tell you the curved information about blogging just to make you their follower or for the sake of their own profit. No one helps for free. What I believe, is invent your own way. Make people follow your way to success. It's the best feeling in the world when someone follows your way to success. Invest your money in the right things. Never forget that your time is too important to be wasted. 

Newbies always face difficulties in writing blog content. Anyone can become a good writer by writing more and more everyday; write too much, in as many outlets as you can. Never get stuck to only one topic. Write for other blogs on different niches/topics. It'll help you in gaining more knowledge and exposure but you'll also get encouragement from other people and audience. 

How much time you give to blogging daily?

Currently, I'm preparing for my 10th Grade's board examination. I pay much time to my studies. In the past I used to blog for more than 5 hours everyday. I' become a Coffee lover which I hated the most before becoming a blogger.

What difficulties you faced?

My education, the only difficulty I faced in my blogging career is my education. I was a bright student since my childhood. But as I've started growing, I've taken special interest in blogging and consultancy and less devotion to my studies. It made my parents, specially my father bother. It was the only tough thing which interrupted me a lot in my blogging career. I didn't know what will be the outcome of blogging, it was even tougher to make my father understand about my future in the field of blogging. But thanks to Almighty Allah, who gave me the power to change the lifestyle of my family. My father is proud of me know. It is the best feeling ever someone can have. 

What are your future plans? 

Future plans are pretty awesome. I've to build a company with the collaboration of my like minded friends very soon.  Yes, I'm coming to Lahore next year for educational purposes and some future plans. 

Me and you have a same problem of throat tonsils and I know how painful it is. do you have any plans of surgery for tonsils?

The worst pain someone can ever feel in his/her life is when he/she is Throat Tonsils. I have taken many Anti-Biotics to get rid of this problem but all in vain. Yes, I'm planing to have a surgery for tonsils to get rid of this problem soon.

Thank You Very Much Dear Nadeem for the interview. I am sure our reader will learnt a lot from it.
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