Learn How To Make a Profitable Niche Site

First of all I would like to explain that what a Niche site actually is for those people who don't know. Niche site means a website that Is on one specific topic and is not covering wide ranger of topics. a Niche site can be a small one or a big one. an example of a niche site can be a website on EMT course or a site on parrots foods. on other hand a site like Huffington Post is not a niche site because it is covering wide range of topics like Politics, Sports technology.

Now how to build a successful Niche website? here are the different steps that you need to take.

1 first of all you need to create a list of all the topics of your Interest. I always recommend making a site on a topic which is your interest because making a site on a topic that you like will make things easy for you.

2 Next you need to do proper keyword research for the topics that you have noted down. You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword planner, Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai for the proper keyword research. you have to choose a topic for which there is low competition and at least few thousand people search for it every month. If you will choose a topic which has high competition then you will not be able to Rank high easily in Search engines.

3 In next step you need to find a good domain for your niche site. try to find a exact match domain for your site. If exact match domain is not available then you can also choose domains with other names.

4 after registering the domain name Install the Wordpress and properly setup your website. also Install Yoast SEO plugin. Use the proper title for your niche site. Using a simple but good theme on the site.

5 Now you need to start writing Posts for your Niche site. Try to write high quality big posts at start. Keep the Keyword density to 4-5% in your blog posts. properly optimize the Images In your posts. Remember to use Alt Text for the Images. In your post don't hesitate to Link to authority sites like Wikipedia and other big resources.

6 Build less but high quality relevant Backlinks for your Niche site overtime.

7 When you start to see some traffic then monetize your site with Ads or affiliates.

In few months you will start to get good Ranking and Traffic to your website. this is how you can build a profitable Niche website. In the end I would like to repeat again that be careful while choosing the topic because that is the most Important part. you have to choose a topic for which there is less competition but It is also searched few thousand times every month.
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