Yahoo For Third Month Gets More Traffic Than Google From US

It is now for the third consecutive month that Yahoo has got more Web Traffic Than Search Engine Giant Google From United States  in September. Same Happened in the months of July and August as well according to a recently published report.

In September Yahoo got 197.8 million visitors from United States while Google was able to get 191.4 million visitors which means Google was behind by almost 6 million visitors. however if we see overall Web traffic of entire world than Google still remains ahead of Yahoo.

Google is also very ahead in earning money through Advertisements than Yahoo. Increase in Web traffic of Yahoo has also increased the Value of Yahoo's Shares. the reason for this increase in traffic is present CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer. After her appointment as CEO of Yahoo a lot of work has been done on User Interface and Outlook Issues.

It would be interesting to see that what will be situation of traffic in coming months specially in Holiday season. Search Engine Giant Google will try hard to once again leave Yahoo behind. we should not forget that Google is much much bigger company than Yahoo which is expecting a profit $39 billion from ads alone in 2013 while Yahoo is expecting a profit of $3.63 Billion from Ads.
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