Facebook Becoming a Major Medium To Generate Web Traffic

Till Now Search Engines specially Google, Yahoo and Bing are considered the biggest Mediums to gets traffic to your website. Most of Websites gets majority of their traffic through these Search engines. Search Engines Ranks those websites higher which are well Optimized and providing high quality content. But In recent years Social Media specially Facebook has turned out as a major medium to generate traffic for your website because It is now having over a billion users.

Now different companies and Individuals has started using Facebook to drive traffic to their sites. For this purpose people runs Facebook ads. With Facebook ads you can either get direct traffic to your website or Increase likes of your Facebook pages. Once your Facebook page gets massive likes your share your website link every now and then to generate web traffic.

Some people even Buys Big Facebook pages for purpose of generating website traffic by sharing their sites links although its against Facebook policies to Sell and Buy Facebook pages.

This thing will also effect the quality of content that we find Online because In Search engines only those sites Ranks higher which are having good quality content and were well optimized but on social media the owners of big pages can even post crap content because their main purpose is making money. they know they can generate traffic just by posting links with attractive titles and a good looking Image. So they don't care about producing quality content on their sites.

People like me who works hard on building good content to get traffic from Search engines are also worried with this situation.
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