Should You Buy an Exact Match Domain Or Not?

The World of Search Engine Optimization SEO is changing quickly since the arrival of Google Panda, Penguin, EMD and most recently hummingbird update. The Ranking of your Website can go up or down now very quickly due many reasons so you need to be really careful If you want to Rank well in Search Engines and get Organic Traffic on regular basis. Now coming to the topic Should You Buy a exact match domain for your website/blog or not?

Exact Match domain means a domain which contains exact keyword phrases Which are searched in Search engines. For example is an exact match domain because it contains the keywords How to become an Emt.

In older days Exact match domains used to Rank well because Keywords were present in Domain names. Due to this reason many people started to buy such domains in hope of getting high Rankings. Spammers also taken advantage of this and they were able to rank well despite having poor content on their sites. Seeing this situation In September 2012 Google launched an update EMD update whose purpose was to target Exact Match domains with poor quality content. Due to this update many good quality sites also got hit. Google also claims that they have reduced the value of EMDs and it is now not a great factor for Ranking a website higher than the other.

What Is the solution for those Websites which are hit by EMD Update? Should they continue with the same domain or change it?

Many websites that were hit by first EMD update were recovered when Google done second EMD update without making any changes Including one of my site. So your site may recover without any changes. What you need to do to make sure that your site recovers? Improve the quality of content on your website. If you have poor quality duplicate content on your site then remove it and then wait for the next update by Google. If still you not get good results then you may think about changing your domain name and getting a non EMD domain.

What If you are thinking to buy a Exact match domain to start a new site? Remember if you want to start a new site with EMD then you will have to build super quality content only. scraping content will bring you in trouble by Google and your traffic will die.
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