6 Most Important SEO Factors For 2014

We are now In the middle of December 2013 and this year is about to end in few weeks. During 2013 we seen many changes In the World of Search Engine Optimization. Google Introduced many new updates like Hummingbird update and signals that effects Search Engine Ranking of a website. However the Importance of good quality content remained the same as it was before.

In the coming year 2014 we we see that some factors will get more Importance for the Search Engine Optimization. I am going to discuss these factors in my post.

1 Freshness of Content: we seen in 2013 Google started to give lots of Importance to fresh content. Fresh Content started to get high Ranking. we will see this trend rising even more In the 2014.

2 Social Media Presence: Social signals will get even more Importance In 2014. the presence of your content on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and how much likes and Shares it gets will become a Important factor.

3 Google Authorship and Google Plus: In future these two are going to get great Importance if you want to rank well. Establish Google Authorship on your content and become more active on Google Plus.

4 Mobile factor: as the Internet Mobile users are Increasing the Importance of organizing your website well for Mobile users is also increasing day by day. So it is also going to be a Important factor If you want to Rank well in 2014 and beyond that.

5 In Depth Articles: In depth articles that are written well and are of large size will start to Rank better in the coming days.

6 On Page SEO: On Page SEO is already a very Important factor but In future It will be even bigger factor for Ranking well. 
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