20 Interesting Facts About Youtube You Didn't Knew

Youtube Is the biggest name On Internet when we talk about Video Content. Its largest Video website having a collection of Millions of Videos. Each and every second dozens of new videos are getting uploaded on Youtube and getting watched by Internet users.

There are many Interesting facts about Youtube which most of people don't know and knowing them will make people really surprise. Here I am going to share some of those Interesting Facts:

1 Youtube was not created by Google. In fact three former employees of Paypal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim Made it.

2 Youtube was first started as a dating site not as a Video sharing website.

3 Google bought Youtube in 2006 by paying 1.65 Billion dollars.

4 One of the founder Jawed Karim uploaded first ever Video on Youtube whose title was Me at the zoo.

5 after Google most searches are made on Youtube although its a Video site not a Search engine.

6 One third multimedia entertainment of United States is hosted on Youtube.

7 the first video sharing website was ShareYourWorld.com created in 1997 but it not lasted much longer. Youtube came 8 years later.

8 If you start watching all Youtube Videos now then It will take 2000 years to watch all of them.

9 Every second over 50000 Videos are viewed through Youtube.

10 every month Youtube gets 900 million Unique visitors.

11 the first office of Youtube was garage of Chad Hurley.

12 Every hour, more than 6000 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.

13 almost 70% Youtube visitors are Non-US and 30% from US.

14 after Google, Facebook and Yahoo Youtube was 4th most visited Website Online during last year 2013.

15 Youtube keeps on getting sued by different companies over Content copyright  infringing Issue.

16 More than 60% users have entered fake birthday in their accounts.

17 Due to Youtube thousands of people went to jail because the were shown doing illegal things in Videos.

18 Youtube has made thousands of people successful. a great example Is Justin Bieber.

19 the lengthiest Video is 48 hours long.

20 thousands of people are making money with Youtube by monetizing their Videos with Google ads.

So these were 20 Interesting Facts About Youtube. I hope you enjoyed reading them.
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