Advantages and Disadvantages Of Android Rooting

Android Is one of the most popular Operating system for Smartphones owned by Google and Phone powered with Android are giving great challenge to companies like Apple and Nokia. Every second several Android Phones are activated around the world.

In this post I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Android Rooting which will help you to take right decision that should you root your Phone or not? For those who don't know rooting means getting access to features that are disabled In a operating system. When a Android Phone is rooted you get access to more features which were Inaccessible before.

Now let me discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Android Rooting:


There are many amazing advantages of Android rooting due to which It is done on millions of Android Powered Phones. here are some of them.

1 Special and Incompatible Apps access: On a rooted Android Phone you will be able to Install some special apps like Superuser, WiFi Hotspot. those apps which are not Incompatible with your Android version will also work.

2 Apps In Micro SD Card: Usually when we Install Android apps on our Phones they gets stored in Our Phone and not in Micro SD Card. Rooting makes it possible to move the Apps from Phone Memory to Micro SD Card which helps in freeing the Phone Memory.

3 custom ROM's Features: third awesome feature that you will get in Rooted Android Phones is of custom ROM's. and the power of custom ROM's is just awesome. you will be able to change Look of your Smartphone with it completely. You will also be able to Increase speed of your Smartphone Processor and much much more.

4 Remove Pre-Installed Items: With rooting you will be able to remove lots of pre-Installed things that comes with new Phones.


after mentioning lots of benefits now let me mention the disadvantages that Rooting may cause to your Smartphone and you should keep them in mind before taking this step.

1 End of Warranty: as soon as you will root your Phone the warranty of your Phone will expire no matter if you bought it yesterday.

2 Bricking: The rooting may also cause bricking of your Phone. sometimes the effect of bricking is so bad that it makes your device permanently unusable.

3 Performance: performance of some phones can go down instead of going up. many users have notified this.

4 Viruses: you can also get viruses into your smartphone when you will try to play with your ROM.

so these were benefits as well as harms of rooting a Android Phone. Now you have to take a decision and will have to be really careful.
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