Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Best Program To Sell Your eBooks Online

Since the revolution of Internet the path for writers has opened up in different ways like blogging, freelancing, Books selling. In older days people used to get their books printed and then sell them but Internet has made the things really easy. Now you can sell your Books Online In digital format known as ebook and can get paid for it. There are many popular ebooks selling platforms Online through which you can sell your ebooks like KDP, Lulu, Smashwords. You can also sell your ebooks directly by creating a website and setting up payment system on It.

I have sold my ebooks through different platforms and the one which worked best for me is Kindle Direct Publishing KDP of Amazon. There are several reasons which Makes KDP the best program.

First of all Amazon is a huge website which sells Items of Millions of dollars everyday. when your ebooks will appear on amazon for sale naturally they will get more exposure due to massive traffic of amazon.

the next reason is KDP select option. When you select this option Amazon do free promotion of your ebook for five days. during these five days premium amazon members can download and read your ebook for free. however after 5 days free promotion your ebooks starts to get lots of sales and It may also appear in Amazon Best sellers. however only those ebooks are allowed to be enrolled in KDP select which are not available for sale on any other Online platform.

the third reason is that when you enroll your book in KDP select amazon gives you KDP select fund each month.

Amazon gives you 70% royalty of your total book price and keeps 30% as its profit. Publishing a book In KDP is free and pretty simple. You can publish a book within 5 minutes and It will go live for sale within 24 hours.

To be successful On KDP you need to take several steps like:

Having a good Book Title.
Having a great Book Cover.
Having great and Interesting book content.

With these three factors you can rock on Kindle Direct Publishing. when you will have good books customers will give good reviews which means more sales.
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