Best Pinging Sites To Ping Your Blog or Website

For those who are not familiar with Pinging It is done to let Search engines like Google and Yahoo know that your blog has been updates with new content. By Pinging your site you arer telling Search engine to Index your newly published content.

Some people also claims that Pinging your site can also have positive Impact on your site's search engine Ranking and pinging again and again without updating your site can be harmful for Ranking.

Here I am sharing the list of some poplar Sites to Ping Your Blog or website:

Google Ping Service

Ping My URL


Ping Farm


Ping Gates

Pingo Matic

Self SEO

Snip Snap

Online Pinger

Just Ping

Blog Roots

Ping Amagle


I personally use the first one because that is official Google Ping Service but It only informs Google that your blog is updates and not the other search engines.
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