Cydia tweak: Controllers for All Connects Your iPhone With PS3 Controller

Controllers for All the newest Cydia tweak is out in the Town and the special thing about it is that It allows your Apple iPhone or iPad device to get connected to the PS3 Controller and let you enjoy all the iPhone and iPad games on your PS3 Controller easily. This must be a exciting news for all those who love iPhone as well as the PS3.

iOs games are already really enjoyable to play but this latest Cydia tweak will take entertainment to the newest level. cjori has launched it.  It will prove to be a awesome alternative to other MFI controllers.

 cjori has also announced that this is not all and they will soon be launching the support for other controllers as well so If you are having any controller other than PS3 then you should not be worried instead you should do some wait.

Now the next question is how to use Controllers for All to connect your PS3 and iPhone. well for this purpose you will first need to connect both your PS3 as well as iPhone to your computer. only then pairing will be possible. also download SixPair tool on your computer. 
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