Google Helpouts Best Way To Make Cash After Adsense

Google launched Its Adsense Advertising Program 10 Years ago and It proved to be a really great way to make decent amount of Money online through your Website and Blogs. Even after 10 years Millions of people are using Adsense to make cash around the globe. Don't you will get excited If I will you that Google has brought another opportunity for you to start making money and it is perhaps the best way after Adsense?

I am talking about Google Helpouts. Its a new service that Google launched back In November 2013 in which people can provide their advice through Video chat to others and get paid for It.

People can offer their advice in different fields like computers, technology, health, fashion, home etc and set a price which they want to receive for providing their Video help. You can also provide the service for free.

Till now Helpouts is not available for everyone. Only those people can join who got the Invitation codes and are from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. If you are from others countries you cannot offer your services.

Payments are made by Google's Payment system Google Wallet. Option of refund is also available. If you are not satisfied from a session you can apply for refund.

In Near future Google will open the Google Helpouts for everyone and then competition will Increase. So If you are one of the countries listed above don't waste time to join this amazing program to start making cash by offering video sessions related to your experienced field.
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