Google Says Bye Bye To Guest Posting

After the recent Google update that changed Search Results massively the second big news from Google for the SEO World Is that Google has officially said bye bye to Guest posting for purpose of creating backlinks. Google Webspam team head Matt Cutts Made this announcement couple of days ago in his latest blog post.

the very first line of Matt Cutts blog post was something like "If you are doing guest posting just for the purpose creating links in 2014 then its time for you to stop". Matt Cutts said that In older days Guest posting was considered a respectable thing but now its motive has changed very much. Now most of people do it just for the purpose of creating backlinks for their sites. He also said that Spammers are taking advantage of this.

He once again focused on building original and quality content to get high search engine rankings Instead of creating backlinks by using different tricks. Google's Webspam team head also said that I understand there are many other good purposes of guest blogging as well like branding and  exposure and they will still be there in the future.

Some people Misunderstood the post of Cutts after which he updated his post with the clarification that I am only talking about guest posting for the purpose of SEO. for other purposes guest blogging has no problem.

After this announcement of Google Blogging and SEO World seems really surprised because guest blogging was one of the main method for many of them to get high quality backlinks and now Google has even prohibited from it. Some are declaring it death of Off Page SEO.
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