Google's Products and Services Introduction

Google Is a Giant In the world of Internet earning profit of billions of dollars every year with its dozens of products. Google's most popular service is obviously its Search Engine which is visited by millions of people on daily basis around the world for searching Information on various topics.  but Google is not just limited to search engine. It has many other great services due to which It is included among top companies of the world. You can Imagine the hugeness of Google by this simple stat that Google's annual profit In 2012 was 50 billion dollars while combined GDP of 43 poorest countries of the world was 45 billion dollars. currently 46,421 people are working for Google.

In this post I am going to present a brief Introduction of Google's Major Products and Services:

1 Android: Android is one of the best Mobile Operating system which was launched in 2007. Today Android is considered top competitor of Apple's iOS. Millions of devices powered with Android are activated every month.

2 Youtube: Youtube is World's largest Video sharing website. there are millions of videos uploaded on Youtube increasing every second. Google bought it in 2006 and made it large.

3 Google Chrome: ask any Internet user that which is the best Internet Web Browser and he will quickly answer you that Its Google Chrome. Google launched it in 2008 and In no time It became a major Web Browser by giving tough time to Firefox.

4 Google Image Search: It is perhaps the most popular way of searching Images about anything on the Internet. Google Image Search provides relevant good quality Images results.

5 AdWords: Adwords is one of the most popular way of doing online advertisement of your business. Google charges advertisers on every click that comes on their advertisement.

6 Adsense: Adsense is a program for Web publishers who are having websites or blogs. Millions of publishers are making money with adsense by displaying adsense ads on their sites. Google pays them on every click.

7 Gmail: Gone are the days when Hotmail and Yahoo were considered top email services. Now Gmail is considered the best and most secure Email service owned by Google.

8  Google Docs: Using this service you can create and edit documents online.

9 Blogger: Also known as blogspot it is perhaps the most popular blogging platform. Millions of blogs are hosted on blogger. Its top competitor in Wordpress. When you create a blog on blogger Google provides you hosting for free.

10 Google Translate: Its a great translation tool to do translation of different languages. I often use it to do English to Arabic Translation.

11 Google Books: its a search for searching the printed books by Google. Millions of books are listed in it.

12 Google Drive: Its a Online storage service.

13 Google Hangouts: a great way to do online video or voice conference.

14 If you want to shorten the size of a web link you can use it.

15 Google+: Google Plus is an emerging social network which Google launched to counter the popularity of Facebook and twitter.

16 Google Maps and Google Earth: great  web mapping services which made It easy to see the world while sitting on your computer.

17 Hardware Products: Google has also launched dozens of hardware products till now Including smartphones, TV and Computers. Nexus S, Google TV, Chromebook are some examples.

18 Google Helpouts: Its a new service of Google launched at end of 2013. With helpouts people can help others through Video chat and get paid for it.

These were just some of the major services and products which Google Is offering. there are dozens of others which I have not mentioned In this post. Google Is Indeed a Giant In world of Internet. If there is no Google Internet will become dull.
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