Guest Posting Is Not Dead Clarifies Matt Cutts

We have been reading from last one week on every other tech and SEO related blog that Guest posting is completely dead after recent blog post of Google's Webspam Team head Matt Cutts. But the reality Is that Guest Posting is not really dead. Even Matt Cutts never said that Guest Posting is dead. Go and read his blog post again.

What He actually meant was that Guest Posting just for the purpose of Increasing your Search Engine Ranking by getting Backlinks is dead and If you are doing It you should stop doing it in 2014. Guest posting for all other good purposes is still alive. after so many Algorithm Changes in Google search If you want to Rank higher in Google you need to build great content. You don't need to build Manual links from everywhere to Rank higher. On Page SEO with great content is enough to Rank your pages higher in Google and other major search engines.

Google has made this move for a really good purpose. Spammers were relaying on guest posting heavily now a days to build backlinks and to Improve their sites Ranking.

From now your purpose of guest posting should be be a good one keeping the readers and community in minds and not the backlinks. You can also do It for brand awareness purpose.  But If you allow guest posting on your blog by taking money you are clearly violating the quality guidelines of Google.

For those people who wants to do guest posting You can also do it even without getting a backlink to your site. Even that can be useful for you and your brand.

Also you should stop just depending On Google Search to get Traffic. You just take benefit of Social Media to build a audience. Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are a great way to build an audience. Ranking Higher in Google has become much tougher now. Its not 2008 or 2009 anymore. so build your audience from different sources not just Google Search.
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