Hadith Apps For Android

Every saying of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him is known as Hadith. After Quran the most Important books In Islam are books of Hadiths. There are hundreds of amazing Hadith Apps For Android available in Google Play Store.

hadith application

I am going to share some of these amazing Apps:

40 Hadiths: as the name suggests this Apps contains 40 hadiths of Rasool Allah SAW. translation in different languages is also available in this app.

2 Daily Hadith: everyday read one new hadith in this app. App supports English, Indonesian and Bosnian language.

Sahih al-Bukhari Hadith (Urdu): Sahih Bukhari is considered most authentic and Important Book of Hadith. This App has full book of Bukhari in Urdu language.

1100 Hadith (Malay): This App is for those people who knows Malay Language. It contains 11 authentic Hadiths of Prophet SAW.

Sahih Muslim (English): after Bukhari the second most Important book of Hadith Is Muslim. This app contains full Sahih Muslim In English Language.

Hadith Collections Lite: this is one of the best App containing hadiths in the Google app store because it contains massive collection of Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawud and more.

Hadith Sahih Bukhari & Muslim: Its In Indonesian Language.

Sahih Al Bukhari (Arabic): Download this application if you want to read Bukhari Sharif in Arabic.
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