How Google Exec Got Surprised By China?

Hugo Barra worked as a Google Exec for a long team and he also remained the Product Manager for Google's Android Operating System. he was often spotted in different conferences for representing Google. during Last year 2013 Hugo Barra taken a big decision in his career by living Google and started working for a Chinese Tech Xiaomi company.

after staying and working for several months in China few things really surprised him which he mentioned during a talk In France at Le Web tech conference.

Here are some of the things which surprised him:

1 Chinese are very educated people producing more than 8 million College Graduates each year which is even higher than United States of America.

2 disposable income of China is seeing a massive massive growth specially in last one decade.

3 there are 123 billionaire people in China. however US is ahead of China in billionaires.

4 China's Internet users are 600 million which were 450 million in 2010 which means 50% growth.

5 huge IPOs are taking place in Chinese Stock Market.

6 QZone is largest Internet provider company in China having over 600 million users. QQ has 500 million users.

7 China has massive shopping sites like Taobao much bigger than Ebay and Amazon.

8 a shopping site JD makes delivery in just 3 hours. JD app also tells where your product has reached.

9 China also has a site like Paypal called Alipay.

Hugo Barra also mentioned many other Interesting points about China. He says he is in Love with China and also trying to learn Chinese language.
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