Keyword Stuffing a Mistake Which Lots of Newbies Makes

Whenever we start doing any new thing making mistakes is natural. We all make mistakes no matter what we do but to be successful we need to understand our mistakes and don't repeat them again and again. When It comes to SEO one of the major mistake that lots of newbies makes is Keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing means repetition of words again and again in a webpage in hope of getting high Search engine ranking. Its an black hat seo method which was used by people in older days to rank their website in Search engines. However If you will try Keyword stuffing today then get ready for getting your site penalized by Google and other search engines. meta tags are also often used by some people by stuffing this is why most of search engines has started ignoring meta tags for Ranking.

Some people stuffs the keyword and then hides that text by giving same color to text as background. It is another violation which will get your site into more trouble. Hidden text is a clear violation of Google's quality guidelines.

another technique which people use is filling a webpage with irrelevant keywords which are searched a lot on the web.

On Official Page of Google definition of Keyword stuffing is as follow with examples:

If you will stuff the keywords then Google may penalize your website temporarily till you make changes or they can also completely de-index your website from their Search. Google can also take manual spam action against your website.
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