Launching Your Own Product Online To Make Money

I have written about many different Online businesses models in the past for Making money like blogging, freelancing, ebooks, Online store etc. Today I will be writing about how you can make money online by launching your own product. this is a great method which can make you huge money because you will be selling your own product by setting a price yourself and will be earning 100% profit yourself. Its much better than pay per click programs and affiliate programs. So here we go:

First of all you have to decide you want to launch a digital Product or a Physical product?

Digital Products Includes: eBooks, Softwares, Plugins, Apps etc.

Physical Products can Include: any Physical thing like Hair oil, Crafts, Handbags or DVDs etc.

If you want to launch a digital product then first get a good product created. If you are not able to develop it yourself you can get it developed by paying a amount. mostly those Softwares or Apps sells well which are unique and provide a solution to people for something. There are many online platforms where you can sell digital products such as Jvzoo, Clickbank and e-junkie.

To sell Physical products as well you need to first find a right product which will Interest people or will provide solution for something. For example a good Oil that stops hair fall is a very good product because it is providing solution for a problem. Physical products can be sold on Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank and other platforms.

Instead of selling product On different platforms you can also sell It directly by setting up a website and adding payment system to it. however It will be more difficult for you to sell It directly and It will need much more marketing. Your should provide various payment options as well so that buyers don't face any difficulty.


the most Important thing after launching a good product is doing its Marketing rightly and your method of marketing will decide your failure or success. following are the ways that you can use to proper marketing of your product:

1 Blogging: blogging can be a great way to promote your product. writing Interesting blog posts about your product. You can do guest blogging on blogs of other people as well.

2 Email Marketing: Promoting your product through emails has proved to be really effective to sell a product.

3 Advertisements: You can also spend some money on marketing of your product. there are many options for advertising like Facebook ads, Google Adwords or directly advertising on a poplar website related to your product.

4 Social Networking: this is era of social networks Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit etc. If you will not have presence on Social Networks It will be tough for you to succeed. setup your product pages on all these social sites and promote it there.

5 Affiliate Commission: offer affiliate commission for bringing sales on your product. by doing this you can greatly Increase your sales.

6 Video Marketing: Video Marketing is perhaps One of the most Important factor for marketing a product. take benefit of all video sites like Youtube, Daily motion and Vimeo.

7 Press Releases: there are two types of press releases free and paid. you can take advantage of both for marketing.

giveaways: free giveaways have always proved effective when it comes to marketing.

9 Good design and sales page: Having a good design and Sales page of your product site is very Important otherwise customers will run away from your site.

This is how you can launch, market and sell your product on Internet. I hope my article was Informative for you.
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