What Is Fiverr and How To Make Money With It?

I will continue to tell you more and more exciting ways of making money online but the results will only come when you will Implement these methods after reading them. Today I will be discussing about Fiverr? What Fiverr is? and how you can use it make good amount of money.


Well Fiverr is one of the largest Online Marketplace where thousands of people offers their services for different tasks and millions of people visits Fiverr everyday to acquire those services. For every service Buyer will have to pay $5 and Seller will get $4. Fiverr Keeps $1 as its profit. It was founded by Shai Wininger in 2009 and it got massive growth till 2011 and start to get considered among top online market places.

Mostly Freelancers uses It to offer and get services. Every service you offer is known as Gig. One person can create up to 20 Gigs on his account. No matter In which field you have got the skill you can offer your services for it. Some examples are Graphic designing, Cover designing, SEO services, writing a review or a article. there are more than 4000 types of services which people are offering at Fiverr. you can also sell physical Items or ebooks through Fiverr as well.

the total no. of gigs listed are around 2 million growing day by day. so If you have got the skills in any field don't hesitate to join the Fiverr today and start making cash. even though $5 looks a small amount but when you will get hundreds of orders It will eventually become a big amount.

Creating a Gig which Sells Well:

although Fiverr is a good way to make money but it also not that easy because of growing competition between the sellers. So to be successful you need to create really great gigs which will get attention of the buyers. Keep a good title, use good Images, Write a great description and also don't forget to add a Video about the service that you are offering. Gigs having a Video sells much more. doing right use of tags is also Important. Also remember to do some promotion of your gig through social media sites and publishing press releases.

Quality Service:

Giving quality service matters a lot On Fiverr to be successful because buyers always sees reviews of other customers. If you will have good reviews you will get more orders. Moreover don't expect too much orders to come to start. Orders will Increase slowly as you will get more positive reviews.

Which Type of Gigs Sells Most?

although you can sell all type of gigs but following types of gigs sells great:

Website Baclinks

Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

Unique Videos


Virtual Assistants

Article Writing

WordPress Troubleshooting

Graphic Designing

Logo Designing

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