Why No Paypal In Pakistan From Last 10 Years?

PayPal Is the most popular platform to send and receive Online Payments quickly simply using an Email address. For most of Online Businesses PayPal is used as preferred payment method. But you may get surprised to know that Paypal Is not available in Pakistan from last 10 years and there is no official reason told for this by the Paypal Officials.

Recently a Pakistan Guy Faisal Khan wrote a open letter to President of Paypal David A. Marcus In which he raised this Issue and asked David A. Marcus to look Into this Issue.

Pakistan Is a big country with a population of more than 180 million people. Pakistan has more than 29 million Internet users that are growing massively. Facebook users are more than 8 million. More than 16 million people are having ATM and Debit Cards.

Pakistan is a big market with massive Internet users and Online businesses are also growing rapidly. Still there is no Paypal available in the country. David A. Marcus should really look seriously Into this Issue and If he not wants to make Paypal available in Pakistan then he should tell a reason for this officially.
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