ZenMate Best Solution To Use Youtube In Pakistan At Great Speed

Its more than a year and 4 months since Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. We heard so many announcements that It may get unblocked soon but It has not happened yet. Then there was another news that Youtube is planning to launch a local version of their site in Pakistan Youtube.pk but It Is also not clear that when It will happen exactly?

Most of people in Pakistan are using different proxies like Hotspot Shield and Ultra Surf to access the world's largest video sharing website. although Youtube can be used with these proxies but the problem Is that the speed of Videos becomes really slower and also lots of ads starts to appear.

But there is a very good solution for this problem it is called ZenMate for Google Chrome. Its a free extension for Google Chrome Browser and by turning it on you can browse the Youtube Videos at great speed without any ads appearing unlike Hotspot shield.

You can turn on the ZenMate when you want to surf the Youtube and otherwise you can turn it off by using the given On off buttons.

As Its a Chrome Extension for Google Chrome so It will only work in Google Chrome Browser and not in other Browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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