15 Reasons That Will Get Your Website Penalized In Google in 2014

As we have entered in new year 2014 Search engine Giant Google continues to make changes to its Search algorithm to provide best possible results to the users. The most recent Google update came on 9th January which effected large no. of search results. we are in 2014 when Google has updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. These are algorithm updates while Google is also greatly focusing on manual spam actions against websites which don't follow its quality guidelines and sending out messages in Google Webmaster tools to to the webmasters about those actions.

So you need to be really careful to protect your site from getting penalized in Google and to Rank on top as Google is one of the main source of traffic for most of websites on the Internet. If you will perform well In Google then you will not need to focus much on other sources of traffic.

Here are 15 reasons that can get your website/blog penalized in Google:

Copied Content: are you copying content from other websites Instead of creating your own? if yes then its a huge mistake that will easily get your website penalized. Google hates copied content and it loves original content that is not already available on web. build your own content yourself or hire writers but never copy content of other websites.

Buying Backlinks: Never ever buy backlinks for your website no matter its a famous site or a poor site. also stay away from the Link packages they will get your site into trouble by Google Penguin.

Link Exchange: Exchanging links is another practice which Google don't like anymore as its a attempt to Rank higher by manipulating Page Rank.

Keyword Stuffing: it has become a old technique now for trying to Rank in Google but Instead of Ranking it will get your site penalized. never stuff keywords in your webpages.

Keyword density: Keyword density means how many times a keyword is used on a page. excessively using a keyword that looks unnatural is also against the Google quality guidelines

Hidden text and Links: Using hidden text or hidden links that are having same color as the background of your webpage is not a good practice so always keep your text and links visible.

Scraped content: recently Google has taken massive manual spam action against the site that were just scraping content from other sites without creating original content. Some examples of scraped content are embedding videos from Youtube without adding any additional content with it or a wallpapers website having all the copied wallpapers from other website.

Excessive Link building: are you building too many links quickly for your website using different tactics or tools then you are in the danger zone. Build links slowly and prefer quality over quantity.

Anchor text: are you using same anchor text for building all the backlinks then you are inviting Google Penguin to hit your website. Keeping diversity in anchor text is pretty Important.

Link Network: do you own a Link network that you use for building backlinks then you might get in trouble anytime. Google keeps on cracking down on Link Networks.

Copyrighted Content: are you using copyrighted content of other websites? Google has now Included copyrighted dmca complaints against any site as a factor for Its Ranking. the more copyright complaints there will be against your site the more poorly it will rank in Google.

 Too Many Ads: Are you using too many ads on your webpages specially In above the fold area? then Google may also penalize you for this. so don't use too many ads because it will not only hurt your site's user experience but will also hurt your ranking.

Mobile Site: The usage of Mobile Internet is growing massively so Google is also giving more Importance to Mobile. your site must have a good mobile version which should work well in all Phones.

Blog Roll Links: Firstly you don't need to create a blog roll but If you really want to do it then no-follow all those links and don't make your blog roll too large.

Spam in comments: You should always keep eye on the comments that are coming on your blog and delete all spam comments quickly. you can also Install a comment system that removes spam comments automatically.

So these were the top 15 reasons that can get penalized your website in Google so you should try your 100% to avoid all above things to Rank on top in Google and generate lots of traffic and sales.
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