Advantages and Disadvantages Of Working Online From Home

As the use of Internet is growing more and more the Idea of working online from home Instead of working In a office is also getting more and more popular. There are millions of bloggers, freelancers out there who are working from their homes Online and making decent amount of Incomes with it. The idea of working from home and being your own boss is attracting more and more people to quit their daily jobs.

I am a professional blogger from last 4 years and I am working full time from home. Working online from your home has many advantages as well as disadvantages which I am going to share In my post. It looks very attractive to make money while staying in your home without going to office but It does not mean you will not face any troubles. This post will clear things In your mind about the possible merits an demerits:


Some of the main merits of working from home are following:

More Money: most of bloggers whom I know makes much more money that you will make in a good Job. making five times more money than a good job is very common. If you will blog properly with a planning than you can make huge bucks with it.

You are the Boss: While working from home you are your own boss. you don't have to work under a boss and follow his orders.

Timings: you will not need to work on specific times like you work in a Job from 8 to 5 or 9 to 6. you can work whenever you want and you can take rest from work when you want to. this is a big advantage according to me.

Time for family: when you will work from home obviously you will be able to give more time to your family by staying closer to them. People who do Office jobs often remains busy and can't give enough time to their family members.

Transport, Rent Charges: as you will work from home there will be no transport charges and no office rent charges.


above you seen some of the merits and now I am going to list some demerits which also should be in your mind while taking a decision about your career.

Losing health: most of bloggers follows a routine that is unhealthy. they spend most of their time online and then goes to sleep. they don't take part in physical activities. many bloggers also faces problems like weak eyesight, back pain, joints pain etc.

Wasting time on social sites: most of the people who works online gets addicted to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and wastes many hours daily on these sites. It increase their stress and wastes time. In reality social sites friends has no Importance as compared to friends of real life.

Non-seriousness: as we work from home and our family members are around all the time we can't work with seriousness. there is distraction all the time. its really hard to work professionally like we work in a office.

Death of social life: many people gets cut from the social life when they work online. when you will not go out of your home then you will not be able to meet new people and make new friends. this will cause Isolation from the society. My life is also similar from last few years.

So these were some of the advantages and disadvantages which I wanted to write about. Now you have to make a right decision. 
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