Google Penalizing Sites Having Too Many Ads Above the Fold

Many Websites and blogs owners uses too many ads on Top of their website in hope of getting more clicks and earnings and Indeed it helps them to get more clicks but from user point of view its a bad thing to show too many ads in above the fold area because when you show lots of ads on top the actual content goes down for which a user is actually looking for and user gets confused.

To solve this Issue Google launched an update called above the fold Algorithm back in 2012 for penalizing sites which were showing lots of ads above actual content. for those who don't know above the fold means that area which appears on a website without scrolling down.

Now on 10th February 2014 Google has announced to update Page Layout Algorithm to target the sites which are ads heavy on top. so if you have noticed any change in traffic in recent days from Google then it might be effect of this latest Google update.

If you are penalized by this update then its time to make changes to your ads placement. there is nothing wrong in displaying ads on top but there should not too many ads on top that actual content goes down and troubles users.

In last two years Google has started to give too much Importance to user experience. So if you want to dominate the Google Search engine then you will have to provide excellent user experience on your site with a great navigation. 
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