Interview With Young Pakistani Blogger Mohammed Yaqoob

Recently I got the chance of Interviewing a talented young Pakistani blogger named Mohammed Yaqoob who is running the famous blogging resource blog Blogger Yard. Below are my questions and his useful answers related to blogging.

1. Thanks Yaqoob For the Interview. First of all I would Like To know about Your education?

Hi Bro, Thanks for giving me an awesome opportunity to meet your readers. Currently, I’m studying in 1st year of engineering and its going fantastic.

2. What you want to become In your life?

I've many aims that I want to complete. My whole interest is in technology. I would love to be a software engineer, web developer and also make apps of different OS. Insha Allah, in future, I’ll achieve them.

3. How you came towards blogging?

Nothing special! Just one day I got idea about creating my website and started exploring more about it then I came to platform and created my first blog there. At that time, I was totally unaware of blog and was calling it a website but slowly slowly I learned more about blogging and Blogger.

4. your blog blogger yard is a great resource about blogging. What you would like to say about it?

Blogger Yard is the first successful blog of mine while I’d many other unsuccessful blogs. It’s a place for all bloggers to learn and teach blogging, SEO, make money and more stuff  related to blogging. Our main niche is platform as most posts are made about that. I will recommend everyone to have a visit at Blogger Yard.

5. do you have any other blog beside blogger yard or plans to start any in near future?

Yes, I Just recently started another blog Mag Crush. Its micro niche blog which contains several niches including Social Media, Technology, Blogging, Entertainment, Health, Business, Education etc. There my friend and me both are working as a team. till now it has less content and few readers so these days I’m working on it to make it successful. Other than this, I've also many plans in my mind that we’ll try soon in near future.

6. You’re one of the youngest blogger of Pakistan. What advice you would like to give to other young bloggers for getting success?

It really feels great when our name is listed in any such list. I would surely like to describe some words for lovely young brothers.

Blogging is easy! There is not any rocket science. Just try to do every thing with planning. Choosing niche, choosing domain, choosing platform, making content, target keywords and all things are done in blogging wisely with planning to be successful. Yes! Newbies are aware of this fact but slowly slowly everyone will learn as I learnt previously. Remember, If you really want to be successful blogger than never give up and continue learning things regularly. I wasted one year in making worst blog.  In that time, I also made 2 unsuccessful blogs which are deleted now and also learnt real blogging but never give up till now. About the result, you can see me successful here.

Just follow the things that you learn from your inspirational persons. Avoid copying others content, making blogs with crappy content like games and softwares with cracks. Try to do hard work and also learn new things everyday along with it. After the six months of hard work in making perfect blog, you’ll see result in success yourself.

7. how much time you give to blogging daily?

I’m spending my life on schedule based means I've regular schedule which I follow to maintain the work properly. I’m spending 4-5 hours online in which I manage two blogs and also do other online tasks. But when I’m on holidays I even spent 7-8 hours a day.

8. do you work on seo of your blog as well or you only care about producing content?

I believe that SEO is nothing if you do the work naturally. But in some cases, we really need to do SEO specially for new blogs. In the beginning, I focused equally both on SEO and Content but now my 75% focus is on content and 25% on SEO.

Thank you very much Yaqoob for the lovely Interview. I hope It will help our readers greatly :)
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