Social Signals New Important Factor For Search Engine Ranking or Not?

From almost last one year and specially in last six months we are hearing a new term Social Signals. Social Signals means how many times your website link gets shared on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit etc. Different Search Engine Optimization and blogging expert claims that now a days Social Signals are a Important factor for getting Search Engine Ranking specially in Google.

Recently a famous Indian blogger Neil Patel shared a Infographic In which he claimed that the more your link gets tweets and retweets on Twitter, Likes and shares on Facebook and +1s On Google Plus the more better it will Rank in Google.

according to a blog post published on the more Twitter Followers and Facebook Pages fans your brand page will have the more better It will rank in Google.

Use of social media is massively growing. Everyone Is joining social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus so its obvious that Search Engine will also need to take help of social sites to determine which content is good and getting liked by the people.

But Matt Cutts Makes a Surprising Announcement: 

Ok I discussed what different SEO experts are claiming about Social signals but recently Google Webspam team head Matt Cutts said something that was really surprising for me and will be for most of SEO experts.
according to Matt Cutts Social Signals from Facebook and Twitter  are not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms and Google sees and crawls these sites like normal webpages. He also claims that Google has no system currently which uses Social signals for Ranking webpages.

So this announcement of Matt Cutts has really confused people like me but it does not mean that we should stop using social media sites to promote our websites and blogs because benefit of social sites is still there. They are capable of bringing direct traffic to our sites due to their massive usage.

If Social signals are not a factor for Ranking a site yet then don't worry they will be for sure in future because with each passing day Importance of social media is Increasing. Make your brand's presence on all the following sites:

Google Plus
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