Top 6 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan

Blogging has now taken shape of a complete profession over the world specially in the United States and European countries. But Interestingly blogging has also got massive popularity in some South Asian countries like India and Pakistan and maybe the reason for this is massive Unemployment. Thousands of people in Pakistan are now doing full time blogging as a profession while many are doing it as a part time work.

Many Pakistan Youngsters from ages of 15 to 20 have also earned name in blogging in recent years. In this post I am going to introduce to you 6 best youngest bloggers of Pakistan who have amazed the world with their blogging skills at young age.

So Here we go:

1 Abdul Rafay

17 Years old Abdul Rafay is a really cool guy who has got skills in  html, css, javascript, java, c language, c# and sql. He is also a talented blogger and currently running rafaytutorials. He is also a good blogger templates designer.

2 Mohammed Yaqoob

this 16 year old young guy belongs to Tharu Shah, Sindh, Pakistan. He is running a successful blogger resources blog called Blogger Yard. He is currently studying in 1st year of FSC. Yaqoob wants to become a app developer in the future.

3 Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali is 18 years old and belongs to Karachi. He is running two very popular blogs mybloggerlab and Templateism. mybloggerlab is a blogger resources blog while templateism is a famous blogger templates blog. he is famous for creating very good looking blogger templates. Even the template that I am using is designed by him.

4 Hamid Roshaan

Hamid is 18 years old and belongs to Rahim Yar Khan. He is running couple of good blogs like blogginggame. Currently He is doing Intermediate. He wants to become a full time professional blogger after completing his education.

5 Aqib Shahzad

Aqib is 18 years old and belongs to Haripur Punjab. he has worked on many blogging projects but his newest one is bestbloggerarena. Aqib has completed his F.S.C recently.

6 Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali is not only among best young bloggers but he is also included in top bloggers of Pakistan and the reason for this is his awesome blog allbloggingtips. Ammar is 18 years old and belongs to Jhelum.

There are also many other good young bloggers in Pakistan whom I am not able to mention in my post because its not possible to write about everyone. 
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