Gourmet Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan

Trend of joining the huge Mobile Phone market of Pakistan is growing as more and more companies continues to join it. After Haier, Calme, Qmobile, Gfive and Voice another company which is ready to enter the Mobile Market of Pakistan is Gourmet Foods. you maybe surprised to know it as Gourmet has nothing to do with technology and most of its businesses are related to foods. but now they have decided to launch several Android Powered Smartphones that will be launched after agreement with a Chinese company.

Gourmet foods started its operations in late 80s and today they are massively successfully in businesses of Bakeries, catering, furniture, Restaurants and cold drinks. In Lahore alone they have over 100 branches. so we can expect something big from them In Mobile Market but they will have to face several competitors specially the Q Mobile will be a big hurdle for them.

according to sources the owner of Gourmet Zubair Chattha had a meeting with owner of Q Mobile Zeeshan Akhktar which changed the mind of Gourmet owner and he decided to enter the Mobile business.

they will probably be bringing 7 types of Android Phones at start from China by using their own brand name on them and will sell them on their existing branches in Lahore. Q Mobile is spending massively on advertisement of their Phones while Gourmet is known for not spending money on advertisements Instead selling their products on a lesser price then their competitors. lets see what will be their strategy to face the Q Mobile and other Mobile companies out there.

as soon as their Phones will be launched we will share their prices and specifications with you.
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