20 On Page SEO Tips To Rank Higher In Google

In the Era of updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin its really Important to do Search Engine Optimization very carefully and avoid any technique that can harm your Site Ranking In Google. You Need to care less about building Backlinks manually and concentrate more on On Page SEO. Caring Less about Off Page SEO and more about OFF Page SEO will really help you rank higher if you got quality content on your site.

I am going to share 20 Really Important On-Page SEO tips now which you need to follow:

1 Title: Use a small, Interesting and relevant title for your home page title and blog posts.

2 Proper Use of Images: Images can greatly help you to boost your traffic. you can generate lots of traffic from Google Images with proper On Page SEO. Always use ALT and Title tags for your images. try to use at least two Images in your posts. Remember to use keywords carefully in ALT tag.

3 Keyword in URL: your post URL should be search engine friendly. Its good to have Keyword used in the URL. it will help you to rank better.

4 Content is Powerful: This rule is old and still the Gold. Content is the Real King. Your SEO will fail if your content is not good and If your content is good sometimes you will even succeed without any SEO at all. to never compromise on quality of content. Keep content Interesting, Unique, high quality and relevant.

5 Site navigation: having a good site navigation is must now a days. your site navigation should be easy and crawl-able for Search engines.

6 Linking to Internal Pages: Linking to Internal Pages of your website also got great Importance from SEO point of view. It will Improve your ranking and PR. interlinking your pages will also Increase your site page views.

7 Linking to Authority sites: Giving Links to authority websites such as Wikipedia, Google is also a good factor that helps you in Ranking. When you do this Search engine treats your site a good resource and ranks you well.

8 Google Authorship: Use Google Authorship Feature on your site. According to SEO experts it will be a Important factor for SEO In coming months.

9 Social Friendly features: Your website should be social media friendly. It should have all the social media sharing buttons so that users can easily share your content on social sites.

10 Google Plus sharing: add a Google Plus sharing option on your site because the more Plus 1s your content will get the more better it will rank in Google.

11 Webmaster tools: You must add your website to Google Webmaster tools. It helps Google to understand your site better.

12 Sitemap: don't forget to create submit your site's sitemap to Google through Webmaster tools.

13 Properly User your Keyword: In your posts you need to properly use your keyword. keywords should not be used too much or too less. Its better to keep Keyword density low.

14 Speed: Having a good site load speeding is a great factor which lots of people don't care about. Search engine prefers those sites which loads quickly.

15 Using keyword In first line, middle and last line: Large number of experts claims that Using your Keyword in first line of article in middle of article and in last line of article helps ranking higher.

16 H1 and H2 Tags: Whatever content you will use in these two tags got great Importance. so try to use your main keyword in these two Tags.

17 Comments: Keep eye on what people are commenting on your posts. If you find Spam comments then Immediately remove them.

18 External Links: Keep external links on your site to reasonable number and its better to make them no-follow.

19 Bonus Rate: Do everything to reduce bonus rate on your site like proving quality Interesting content and good site navigation. bonus rate in simple words mean how much time a user spends on your site. Search engine likes sites with lower bonus rate.

20 Use of ads: Use Ads on your site properly. Don't use too many ads specially in above the fold area otherwise you may get penalize.

So Try these two awesome One Page SEO tips and then see the result with your own eyes. however make sure to avoid over optimization. try to keep things natural as much as possible. 
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