Apple Announced iOS 8

Apple's World developers conference 2014 is underway right now as Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the stage making some really big announcements. One of the big announced that he made so far is arrival of Apple iOS 8. another big announcement was about OS X 10.10.

according to Tim Cook iOS 8 is a big release which will be bringing lots of new features and Improvement for the Apple's devices.

here are some of the new features that we will find in iOS 8:

action on Notifications at lock screen.

responding to messages from notifications drop down.

acceptance of calendar invite without unlocking phone.

third party apps support.

new features on double clicking home button.

Improvements in mail.

naming messages threads.

Family Sharing for sharing iTunes content.

health app

So these are some of the updates that you will find in the iOS 8 that will be available for downloading soon.
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