Concentrate More On Facebook Than SEO If You Want Traffic

After optimizing and providing consultancy to many big websites, TV channels, Gaming websites , ecommerce and Real estate websites, I have observed the magic power of Social Media Marketing. Its Facebook without which Adwords would fail the second day. Facebook provides around 30% Traffic to Google itself. Google may die the next day without FB but Facebook's intelligent use of Media Marketing will sustain it forever.

The reason behind recent introduction of new penalties by Google such as Humming bird, is a purely crafted art of pushing more traffic to Adword Advertisers via big giants rather small publishers. In Short Google is paying less attention to SEO today then the marketing background of a firm. You can never win against Youtube, amazon or wikipedia, even if you invest heavily in it because Google can not live without them itself. SEO's keep scratching their heads on why these sites never get penalize for having millions of UN-optimized content but Matt Cutts seems to stay quite on such asked questions.

Fanpages today are bringing more traffic to sites then Google and this is one reason where Facebook is lucky enough to introduce their own optimization algorithms to rank fanpages because people have established a black market where they sell Fanpages without keeping Facebook in confidence.

My point of the above statement is not to give no importance to SEO but never take it as the primary source of traffic generation because Google has now lost its reputation in keeping its words. It is violating its own policies and is trying to strengthen its Ad market as much as possible because Yahoo's network and similar Ad networks have already started eating about 10% of its ad revenue share.

Simple Question for simple minds?

Can you win over Youtube's SERPs ranking ever in your life?

If you have a Video streaming Site far better optimized, will Google ever give priority to yours ? If not then why would it favour small publishers over big marketing firms?
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