Facebook Was Down Today For 30 Minutes

Today World's largest social networking website Facebook was down  almost for half hour for all the users around the world. More than a billion users were unable to access their Facebook accounts and were getting the error sorry something went wrong when they tried to access Facebook.

Facebook which is available in 70 different language and has 1.28 billion users is not just a website for many people. For these people its their life. they spend hours daily on it to Interact with other people. Many uses it to for business purposes as well.

FB went down at 00:55 PDT and came back on 01:25 PDT. during this time it became a hot issue on other sites like Twitter that FB is down. As Facebook came back online millions of people shown their happiness by updating Statuses like "Finally My Facebook is opening".

This is one of the largest outrage in 10 years history of Facebook. last time they faced outrage of 20 minutes worldwide on 19th January 2014. outrages of sites is a normal thing but when it happens with a site having over a billion users then it becomes a big news.
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