How People are Making Millions Through Facebook Pages

I Have told It many times that there are hundreds of ways to make money though Internet. You just need a good mind, proper planning and Implementation to start generating online money. One method which thousands of people around the world are using to make massive money is Facebook Pages.

People who got big Facebook pages on different topics keeps on sharing their websites on these pages. those websites are monetized with advertisements. Every time Links are shared on these pages hundreds of people visits those websites and many of them also clicks ads. These people shares the links multiple times on their pages which helps them in generating a handsome amount of Income without working hard.

Bloggers like us work hard to create quality content so that we can Rank higher in Google to generate traffic but Generating traffic for these page owners is a really easy job. they don't need quality content or SEO on their sites. they just need to share links on their big pages and traffic will come by itself.

One question that may come up in your mind is from where these people get those big pages? Well most of them buy those pages by paying a amount from other people. Facebook policies don't allow buying and selling of pages because these pages are property of Facebook not their Admins. But still people buy and sell pages.

Some people run Facebook ads to grow their pages. while some pages gets successful by themselves. Like a page "RIP Paul Walker" Got millions of fans overnight.

Recently I read story of a man named Jason Fyk who became a millionaire from a bankrupt man with help of Facebook pages. He owns more than 40 pages having 28 million likes. On those pages he shares his websites links and makes money by advertisements on his sites.

If you are also planning to make money through Facebook pages then make few things is mind. first thing is that lots of pages also gets hacked. so this business is not fully safe. secondly as time is passing Facebook is reducing the audience reach of pages. but still this business got potential and you may think about starting it. 
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