Method To Enable Emoji Emoticons in iOS iPhone

Recently I bought iPhone 5 that was having iOS 7.1 in it. Then I Installed the Whatsapp and started chatting with my friends and then I noticed that there were no option of Emoji emoticons. Previously I was using Samsung Galaxy Geo that was having Android OS. in Android those emoticons were available by default. then I started searching how to make Emoji emoticons available in iOS?

Finally I found the method after some research and enabled the emoticons on my iPhone. In this post I am going to share the method with you guys. Follow the below steps:

First Step: got to settings and then click General:

Second Step: look for the option of Keyboard and click on it.

Third Step: Choose option of keyboards:

Step 4 and step 5: In keyboards choose add new keyboards and then select Emoji.

so here it is now. now you will be able to use Emoji emoticons in iMessage, Whatsapp and other applications. you will be able to select emoticons from globe option on bottom left.

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