Top 5 Reasons To Leave Facebook

Facebook is the most popular Social Network On the Internet having 1.29 billion users growing every minute. Most of us are addicted to Facebook and waste hours of our lives daily using it which don't give us any benefit. lots of Information we find on Facebook about different things is also wrong.

There are several reasons due to which we should seriously think about deleting our Facebook accounts and leaving it forever. I know Its hard to leave Facebook because its very attractive but its not Impossible and we should not forget the benefits which we will get by getting rid of it.

Here are Top 5 reasons for Leaving Facebook today forever:

Waste of Time: When we start using Facebook we continue to do it for hours and time passes quickly and the reason for this is that we are addicted to it. we like spending time on Facebook but don't get any benefit from It Instead we waste several hours on daily basis using it. by leaving Facebook we can spend those hours on our family or other Important things.

Kills Productivity: this point is really Important for those people who work Online. I am a blogger and Facebook is a big hurdle In my productivity. again and again I keep going back to Facebook to check the latest updates which distracts me from my work and kills my productivity. during the hours which I spend On Facebook I can write several amazing blog posts. I Remember the days when I was not Facebook. during that time I used to write much more blog posts daily as compared to now.

Dangers: we all know that social sites like Facebook can become dangerous for anybody because we don't what type of people we will face on FB. Bullying, Identity theft, fraud, Spying it all happens on Social sites. Leaving Facebook will end all these dangers for you.

Facebook friends can't replace real friends: Remember one thing that one real relation is better than 100 Social media friends. we give so much Importance to social media friends. we talk to them but in actual we never meet them. Instead of Facebook Its better to make real life friends and spend time on them. It will be much more beneficial for you.

Bad for relations bad for health: do you know Facebook is becoming cause of dozens of divorce daily? its becoming cause of many break ups. men and women are getting mad for unknown people after finding them on Facebook which is creating problems with their real relations. Secondly excessive use of Facebook is bad also good for health specially mental health. it causes problems like eating disorders, depression, stress and addiction.

I think these reasons are good enough to make you think about leaving Facebook. I know its really hard to leave attractive world of Facebook. But you must try for it or at least try to reduce use of Facebook.
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