Top FIFA World Cup 2014 Apps

as the FIFA world Cup 2014 Brazil comes closer lots of amazing Smartphone Phone Apps For iOS, Android and other platforms are launches which millions of users are downloading on their Phones to keep themselves updated about the big event.

there are dozens of great free as well as paid apps that are present in both Google play store and App store related to WC. Let me Introduce to you some of these awesome applications:

FIFA 14 By EA Sports: This is an awesome soccer game related to FIFA World Cup 2014 having great effects and features which will make to enjoy this game a lot. its free to download. Its available in iOS app store.

FIFA: this app is launched by FIFA officially to keep you updated with all the news, Team standings and live situation of matches. During WC this app will be really handy for those people who can't watch the cup on TV.

FIFA World Cup Theme: If you want to decorate your Phone with the WC 2014 then download this theme and Install It. its available free in Google Play store.

World Championship 2014: this App is launched by Rifra Mobile Apps company. this app will provide you all details of WC 2014. you can also make predictions about matches in this app.

Brazil Live 2014: It is designed by Sportsmate Mobile Private Limited. This app will provide you Information of all matches. Headlines, points table and tweets of different players.

Jalvasco World Cup 2014: This small app is available to download in Google Play store and will let you know about details of all the matches of WC.

So I Would recommend you guys to download these Apps on your Phones Immediately if you want to increase your enjoyment of World Cup 2014 Brazil and keep yourself updated about each and every match.
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