Top Ramadan Apps 2014

Now just a wait of couple of days and Ramadan 2014 will start. Ramadan is a month which is blessed and it always passionate me for so many reasons. Its a month of worshiping, forgiving, sacrifice, patience, charity and love. Its a month which grows our faith and brings us closer to our creator. In Ramadan the use of Islamic apps specially those related to Ramadan also Increases. So I am going to share some Top Ramadan Apps that will be useful for you guys:

Ramadan 2014: this app got Ramadan Calender, timings, duas, 99 names of Allah, prayers times and much more.

Ramadan App: Find answers of different Ramadan related Issues which often comes in mind of people. It will provide you plenty of knowledge.

Resala Ramadan: know all the basic principles of fasting in Ramadan Kareem. the App is available in English and Indonesian language.

Ramadan Times: this amazing app tells the times of Sahoor and Iftar for the whole month. its available for iOS.

Ramadan Wallpapers: download plenty of amazing Ramadan Wallpapers for your Android Phone with this app.

Ramadan is Here: If you want to boost your knowledge about the holy month then you must download this application. its available for Android.

Ramadan 14: this is a amazing new app developed for iOS devices having Ramadan Calendar.
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