5 Tips For Confirm Approval In Google Adsense

Google Adsense is considered the top and most popular way for bloggers to make money by monetizing their content. but with the passage of time as the number of bloggers and Adsense publishers is growing its also becoming tougher for newbies to get approved in adsense. Specially if you are living in South Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka then it becomes even harder to get approved in the program. the reason for this is misuse of adsense such as account selling, click fraud etc.

Due to this issue the common blogger who is not Involved in any wrong activities also finds it hard to get approved. This is why I planned to write this blog post to guide you people how you can get approved in adsense for sure and what you can do if your application is getting rejected again and again.

So here are my 5 tips to help you guys:

1 Content: If you want to get approval into adsense then make sure to only publish high quality genuine content on your blog. never make mistake of copying content otherwise you will be rejected.

2 In depth articles: It has been noticed that the blogs which were having lengthy in depth posts get approved more easily in adsense as compared to blogs having smaller posts. so try to write as much posts as you can.

3 Top level domain: you need to have a top level domain .com, .net etc to get approved into adsense. Google no more approves applications with sub domain blogs like blogspot.

4 Website age: In Certain countries like India and China it is necessary to have at least 6 month old website to get approval. So don't apply till your website gets older than 6 months. this limitation is not for Pakistan. so people from Pakistan can apply earlier.

5 Site Navigation and User Experience: you really need to provide an excellent navigation and user experience on your blog to get approval. Make it easy for the users to navigate through your site. show popular posts and related posts on your blog. apply a theme that is having a good navigation.

Follow these 5 tips and it will Increase your chances of getting welcome email from Google Adsense much more.
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