Facebook Ads For Small Businesses Guide

Businesses are no more just depending on TV and Billboards for marketing of their products as Internet has turned out to be a big Industry with billions of users where marketing is proving to be more effective and less costly. For a long time Google Adwords was considered the best choice to market your business but now Facebook has also proved Its Importance by making several changes and giving more control to advertisers over ads.

Today Facebook ads are considered perhaps best way of Online marketing for small businesses. So Many companies are promoting their products through Facebook ads and making huge profits. Facebook ads complains can be run on pay per click basis or per per thousand Impression basis.

Let me Guide you how you can run the ads yourself:

First of all go to Create advertisement option and decide which type of ad campaign you want to run. run ad according to your objectives. either you want visitors to go to your website or you want to engage them in posts or you want to Increase your page likes.

Next you have to decide where you want your ad to appear either in news feed of users or on side bar. Ads in news feed are more effective than side bar so I will recommend them.

Next you will get options related to targeting that which type of users you want to target in your ad depending upon the product you are offering. for example if you are offering a ladies handbags you would like to tag only female users in your ad and not the male. Similarly you can decide age, language, Interests, behaviors and several other options to make your ad as much targeted as possible. Carefully choose the option to get maximum output of your ads campaign.

In next step you will have to set the budget that you are willing to spend on your ads. decide how much money you are willing to spend per day and for how long you want your campaign to continue.

by going to advanced options you can decide either to run pay per click ads or pay per thousand Impressions. I always prefer per per thousand Impressions because that works more effectively. but you can try the both. In Bidding you can decide a manual bidding or the let the Facebook automatically decide a bidding for you. Its the amount that you are willing to pay for  per click or per thousand Impressions.

and now your campaign is ready and you can place the order. It will take sometimes for Facebook to approve it before it starts running.
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