Facebook Becomes a Big Cause of Divorce

We often hear about benefits of Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter such as awareness and building new relations but these sites also got many demerits and one of them is divorce. Yes you read it right. Facebook has become a big cause of divorce around the world.

According to a research done in United States people who use Facebook actively are 32% more likely to leave their life partner as compare to those who don't use it. the research was done in the Boston University recently.

Facebook is causing lots of social problems and disputes between husband and wife which results in divorces and separation.

In the research data about the effect of communication technology on the human behavior was checked. It was also found that those who stay away from Facebook are more satisfied from their married lives.

This is not the first time that a research has blamed Facebook for breaking relationships but it also happened several times before.

So you would be thinking now that should you continue to use Facebook or not because you want to secure your relationship. well remember balance is Important in everything of life. don't use social media excessively. give your Facebook password to your partner. these steps will help you surely.
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