Google Closing Down Orkut From September 2014

Many of us started using social media from Orkut. It was first addiction for many of us but arrival of Twitter and Facebook later on changed everything and now Google has announced that it will be permanently shutting down the Orkut from September 30th 2014.

All the profiles and data on orkut will be removed so If you are having any Important data like Photos on Orkut you should download them before 30th September. Orkut has already stopped accepting registration of new accounts.

Orkut was founded In January 2004 10 years ago from now and for years it was a very popular social site specially in South Asia and Latin countries like Brazil but Facebook and Twitter taken away users of Orkut.

Google has announced that its shutting down Orkut because its other social sites like Youtube, Google Plus and blogger have got lots of growth while Orkut is not able to get that much growth so they have decided to shut it down.

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