Top 10 Platforms To Do Blogging

Blogging is more popular today then ever. There are millions of blogs on the Internet where people are sharing their views about different things. Some people even do professional blogging to make money which some do it just to share their ideas.

There are many great platforms on Internet for blogging which are easy to setup and start posting.

I am going to share top 10 blogging platforms where you can start your own blog anytime:

1 Blogger
2 WordPress
3 Tumblr
4 Ghost
5 Typepad
6 Medium
7 LinkedIn Influencers
8 Svbtle
9 Quora
10 Google+
11 Facebook Notes

Let me Introduce to you the top two:


Bloggers comes on top in my list of best platforms. It is owned by Google and there are millions of blogs running on this platform. blogger is free and easy to setup. its secure as well. you also don't need to buy hosting because Google provides free hosting with it.  you can setup a top level domain like .com, net with it.


It comes second in my list of top platforms. wordpress is mostly used by professional bloggers who want to do it seriously and professionally. you can setup a free blog on wordpress with subdomains and you can also setup one on top level domain. for top level domain blogs you will have to buy your own hosting. wordpress also provides thousands of great plugins and tools which let you setup any kind of blog.
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