Top 5 Websites To Play Games Online

all of us love to play games specially when we get bored from work. now a days it is preferred to play Online games because it is much easier to access online games Instead of first downloading and Installing the games. There are thousands of awesome websites where you can play Online games of almost every type. From action to sports and from arcade to puzzles.

I am Sharing the List of top 5 websites for playing games Online:

Yahoo Games: owned by Yahoo its an amazing platform of games. it is visited by over 25,000,000 people per month.

MiniClip: Its a popular old website for playing all types of games on the internet. monthly more than 14,500,000 people visits it.

Zynga: Zynga is the house of popular games like Farmville and City Ville. 8,500,000 people enjoys games on it every month.

Free Online Games: its also popular as having a huge collection of brilliant games for both kids and adults.

Game House: It is house of high quality Interesting games. it also has lots of games for Android and iOS.  
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