Google Panda 4.1 Update Is Released

This news as usual will prove to be a news of happiness for millions and news of sadness as well for millions of websites owners that Google has released Panda 4.1 update earlier this week that is 27th panda update till now starting from February 2011. Google has designed this update to specially target the sites having thin and poor quality content.

the update by Google is rolling out slowly and will continue to roll out till next week and it will effect around 5% of search queries.

Google also claims that this update will prove to be useful for small and medium size websites which were badly affected by some previous updates.

Like every update many webmasters will notice increase in their site traffic while others will notice the decrease.

Google's Pierre Far made this announcement about Panda 4.1 in his Google Plus post:

So if you want Panda updates to positively Impact your website then remove any thin poor quality content from your site and only produce high quality original content. 
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