VIRO: the first smartphone that never discharges

It’s now clear that technological progress solves all our problems time by time. An Italian startup solves one of the most important and very dear to all of us: our phone battery life.

On October 1st they will present the first ever smartphone that never discharges! You’ve got it right, the first smartphone that you never have to recharge, you can use it as much as you like, without worries!

They have not yet announced what kind of technologies are used in order to succeed in this phone, but they have assured that all will be announced during the month of September.

As announced Android operating system, presumably the latest version, but on their page as a response to a user they wrote: "Yes, it runs Android, but we're working to make Android not alone in the phone. We prefer couples! "

May VIRO be DualOS?

Details are light now but we got in contact with the team to find out more.

you can find more details about phone on their Facebook page.
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