Photomath for Android Mobile Phones Review

lots of amazing apps for iOS and Android smartphones are launched this week but my favorite among them is called Photomath. this amazing and unique apps helps in solving your math problems using your phone camera. the kids are finding this app really useful in doing their maths homework.

within few days of its launch the app has got millions of downloads on iOS. Soon photomath for android will also be released. so if you are a android user then keep some patience.

Izet Zdralovic one of the founder of app has said that I am really surprised by the response which our application has got. he said in this app we have connect the math, OCR and real time data which is never done before.

to solve any math problem you turn on the app and point your phone camera towards the equation that you want to solve and this app provides you its solution within few seconds. many people are also blaming this app for promoting cheating because now kids can solve their math problems with this app without understanding them. one thing is clear that this app has really made the things easy for those students who are weak in math.

So it was  the small review of this awesome application, now download it and start solving your math problems with it quickly.
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