Top 5 Tablet Devices of the World

Tablet devices which is a new gadget as compared to smartphones and Laptops is getting popular day by day and giving tough time to market of smartphones and laptops. so far hundreds of tablets are launched by different companies around the world. In this post we will have a look at top five of those tabs. so here we go.

iPad Air 2: most of people when they think about tablets they actually bring iPad in their minds. It will not be wrong to say that its iPad which has made the tablets a popular gadget. since the launch of iPad Apple has sold its 170 million units. iPad Air 2 is even better than iPad 1 having a higher processor, 496 grams weight, 9.7 inch touchscreen and many other amazing features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5: the second best tab in our list is Galaxy Tab S of 10.5 Inches. its also available in 8.4 inches. this tab is having the latest screen technology by Samsung. it has two cameras. front camera is 21 MP and back camera is 8 MP. the special thing about this tab is its awesome screen resolution.

Google Nexus Nine: the third tab in our list is nexus nine. its first tab that is powered by Android Lollipop. Its screen size is 8.9 Inches. its weight is 436 grams.

iPad Mini 3:  this is another amazing tab by Apple which is smaller in size but great in features. its less in weight and great in look. its display is 7.9 inch which makes it easier to keep it in pocket. it is powered with iOS 8.1.

Nokia Lumia 2520: it is first every tablet style smartphone launched by Nokia and its a great one. its having a big display of 10.1 inch. it comes with Windows 8.1 Operating system and also having LTE connectivity. its weight is 615 grams.

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