Top 5 Ways To Waste Time on Internet

Internet has take over our lives. no matter we are in bathroom, University, barroom or a Restaurant we can use it everywhere. As we know Internet has many useful things but its also a great place to waste your time. Billions of Internet users waste lot of their time in doing different activities on Internet. even I waste several hours daily on Internet.

Lets have a look at top 5 ways of wasting your time on Internet:

1 Facebook: Yes this most popular social media website is a great place to waste your time online. your time will pass quickly while using it. you can go through your timeline reading posts of people and liking them or chatting with someone.

2 Playing games: another really Interesting way if you want to waste some time. there are so many games websites online that you will get confused about selecting which one you should go on. you can play anytime of games according your likeness. I like playing sports games.

3 Watching Youtube Videos: Youtube is largest Video search engine online having billions of Videos on each and every topic. for example I love watching Interesting animal Videos on Youtube.

4 Reading top 10 list articles: people find these type of articles Interesting like top 10 mobiles, top 10 hairstyles. reading such articles is really fun and a good way to spend time on Internet.

5 Google Images: checkout hundreds of Images of anything on Google Images. for example you are looking for some good hairstyles then you can use Google Images.
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